5 Romantic Things to Do in Galway City for Couples

Ahh, romance—how most of us long for it. In Ireland, couples all over are always on the lookout for new and exciting activities and places to spice up their lives. One city along the rugged western coast is Galway. The city has cute hideaways and adventures that can spark some passion. We can’t name all the romantic things to do and places to visit because there’s just so much. But here are five of the most loved ones.

5 Must-Do Things in Galway for Couples 

  1. A Fairy-Tale Stroll at Brigit’s Garden:

This enchanting garden is the ideal place for any romantic gestures. How romantic? Well, couples have been married there. It’s the perfect venue for the nature lovers out there. When it comes to dates, you and your partner can explore the lush greenery, woodlands, and gardens hand in hand. The four Celtic-themed gardens are the perfect place to take in tranquillity – just the right scene for sealing a kiss or expressing feelings.  

  1. Kayaking under the Stars on Lough Corrib:

To the adventurers out there, here’s the place where you can enjoy a moonlight kayaking experience. The magnificent sky is on full display here as you glide through the calm waters. You’ll feel like you two are the only ones on the planet with the star-studded sky shining bright above you. Offshore, you can bring your picnic gear and set up a wonderful little array of snacks and a bottle of wine. Now that’s a romantic movie picture-perfect scene.

  1. A Culinary Adventure at Kai Café + Restaurant:

Foodies, it’s time to take your partner on a culinary adventure. All locally sourced, dishes are delectable and will have you wanting more. Whether you’re into brunches or candlelight dinners, this place has it all. The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. And what better way than trying out all the savoury dishes you and your partner’s belly desires?

  1. Picnic at the Spanish Arch:

Who said romance has to be expensive? How about a simple picnic looking over the historic landmark River Corrib by the Spanish Arch dating back to 1584? You and your partner can pack a basket with snacks and a bottle of bubbly then head on to the grassy banks. You can bask in the sun while enjoying the gentle breeze – such an intimate moment.

  1. Cosy Up in a Quirky Boutique Hotel:

If you’re not a fan of the outdoors, a cosy nest to retreat to is ready for you. One of the best Galway breaks for couples is snuggling up in some of the most charming boutique hotels in the city. Whether you like historic townhouses or contemporary chic, there’s a place for every couple’s taste and budget. It doesn’t always have to be only the best hotels. You’ll never want to leave when your place has an in-room Jacuzzi, rooftop terrace, and gourmet breakfast.


There you have it folks – romance to bring you and your partner closer while having the most fun with each other and creating lifelong memories. You have so many things to do in Galway in the daytime or nighttime. Pack your bags, grab your partner, and start your adventure. 

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