Unique things to do in Galway

Galway City is such a beautiful place to explore, all year round.  From the Spanish arch to the Eyre Square, the Galway Races to The Christmas Market and all the amazing festivals and unique things to do in Galway City. Great Escape Rooms Galway is the leader in providing unique experiences for couples and families, people looking for something different to do in Galway City something unusual to do. The thrill of a unique great escape room is all in the immersive details that trigger emotion and awakens our senses. Have you ever wanted to rob a Bank?  Face down a banshee in a Haunted Cabin, save the world from a deadly virus, these are some of the unique games and experiences we have for you to play and do while in Galway City. None of our escape rooms are the same and offers a unique experience, that can not be played anywhere else in the world a unique thing to do in Galway city today!  The visual setting and story are brought to life even further with smells, noises, or soundtracks, and of course the feeling of competitive adventure. If you wonder what other people thought of our unusual things to do in Galway please check out some of our reviews on Tripadvisor or Google .