Cookies Policy


Purpose*: This Cookie Policy outlines the use of cookies on the Great Escape Rooms Galway website, enhancing user experience and functionality.
*Scope*: This policy applies to all visitors and users of the Great Escape Rooms Galway website.

What Are Cookies?

*Definition*: Cookies are small text files stored on your device when visiting websites, aiding in website functionality and user experience.
*Types of Cookies*: We use various cookies, including:
– *Essential Cookies*: Necessary for website operation.
– *Performance Cookies*: Improve website performance and user experience.
– *Functionality Cookies*: Remember user preferences and settings.
– *Targeting/Advertising Cookies*: Used for personalized advertising, if applicable.

How We Use Cookies

*Website Functionality*: Cookies are essential for basic site operations and enhancing user experience, including remembering user preferences and settings.
*Analytics and Performance*: We utilize cookies to gather analytical data, helping us improve website performance and user experience.
*Advertising*: If used, cookies assist in providing targeted advertising, enhancing your browsing experience.

Your Choices and Consent

*Consent Requirement*: In compliance with EU law, we require explicit consent for non-essential cookies.
*Managing Cookies*: Users can manage their cookie preferences through their browser settings.
*Withdraw Consent*: Consent for cookie use can be withdrawn at any time through browser settings.

Third-Party Cookies

*Usage*: We may use third-party cookies, like Google Analytics, to enhance user experience and gather analytics.
*Third-Party Policies*: For more information on third-party cookies, please refer to their respective cookie policies.

Changes to the Cookie Policy

*Updates*: This policy may be updated periodically. We encourage users to review it regularly.
*Effective Date*: This policy is effective as of 14/12/23.

Contact Us

*Queries and Concerns*: For any questions or concerns about our Cookie Policy, please contact us at +353 91 536 979.

Compliance Statement

*EU Law Compliance*: Great Escape Rooms Galway is committed to complying with EU laws and regulations regarding cookies and data protection.