Corporate Team Building Activities Galway City

Why Great Escape Rooms Galway For Corporate Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities at Great Escape Rooms Galway can help to build key skills within your team, such as collaboration, communication, decision-making, problem-solving – and stamina! They can also be a good way for a team to rehearse its response to high-stakes situations and challenging times. Staff Retention is one of the biggest obstacles facing companies today, rewarding the team with fun team-building activities has never been so important

During an Escape Room Team Building Activity session, Teammates re-invest their skills, deepen them and develop new ones (communication skills, fine motor skills, leadership skills, social skills, and problem-solving skills). They must analyse clues to solve puzzles, which requires analytical skills and encourages them to think on their feet!

And of course, our Escape Rooms are fun.

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Escape Rooms are the leader of trendy entertainment and a new way to have fun. The nature of our creative gameplay requires a tremendous amount of teamwork and communication, which would make us an optimal choice for corporate team-building events.

No group is too large or too small; we have successfully accommodated large corporate team-building groups of 50+ people in the past.

Also, for corporate team building reservations of over 15 participants, we offer accommodation times outside our operating hours.

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We provide Galway’s best and most fun-packed team-building activities.

Team Building is a fun way to build relationships and create lasting memories. Find out more about our unique events!

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Do you have any special offers?

We have special team-building packages for small groups, our back-to-back special is our most popular over 2 hours of activities, and we have special rates for companies booking the entire building, we also have set meal options with local 5-star restaurants and other add-ons, for our platinum team-building package, and promotions with local pubs and nightclubs should you require an even bigger corporate team building package.