Find Answers to Your Escape Room FAQs

Everything You Need to Know Before You Play

Is it scary?

No, our rooms are not designed to scare you. The Traditional Irish Pub Room and The Vault have no scary props at all. There is one prop in the Quarantine 2.0 Room that can surprise or even shock the players, and The Banshee’s Cabin room is creepy.

How much does this cost?

The prices vary between €23 and €30 depending on your group size. Please see the Prices and Booking page for more information. We also have Student Deals and special offers from time to time. Call us now on 091 536 979 to find out about our current offer

How long does this take

Please allow for 1 hour and 10 minutes to explain the rules at the beginning, play the game, and answer questions after.

What are your hours?

11.30am – 8:30 pm. We open earlier and stay open later for advanced bookings. Please see our bookings page for available slots.

How do I book a room?

Please refer to our Online Booking System,  select the room you prefer and click the available time slot that suits your group. Alternatively, you can phone (091 536 979) or email a member of staff to proceed with a booking.

I want to cancel/change the time of my booking, how can I do this?

We are happy to refund you or change your booking however we have a strict 48-hour policy. Please give 2 full days notice of any changes to your bookings. After this time we are unable to refund/reschedule your booking.

Can I host a corporate event here for team building outside of the regular schedule?

Absolutely! Please contact us for any corporate event requests, as we can make special arrangements to suit your needs.

Are tickets refundable?

We have a strict 48-hour policy. Please give 2 full days notice of any cancellations or changes to the numbers of players. After this time we are unable to refund your booking.

May I purchase a ticket for someone else?

Yes, please indicate the appropriate player’s name in booking information before completing the booking.

Can I purchase all of the tickets for my group at once?

Yes. Select the maximum amount of tickets available for the room. The session will then be under one person’s name.

What if I am late to my session?

We do our best to accommodate all players who are running late for their reservation, but if the room is booked directly after your group then we may have to keep to your scheduled booking time.

Can we play the same room more than once?

No. If you fail a room you will be shown how to escape and will no longer be able to play that room again. For all guests, we ask that the puzzles remain a mystery to all new teams so please do not spoil the fun and share the answers with anyone. If you succeed, try your skills in the other room.

What is the minimum and maximum team size for each room?

Please refer to Room Description Page.

Is there an age limit?

You are never too old to play the Escape Rooms. While there is no age restriction, the puzzles may be too demanding for those under 12 years, so they may not fully enjoy the game. We REQUIRE that all groups 12 years and younger be accompanied by an adult. The games are difficult and made to stump you so it is our requirement that players under 12 years bring an appropriate amount of adults.

I am claustrophobic, can I play?

The rooms are spacious and suitable for larger group sizes therefore most people feel very comfortable in the game. If at any point you feel uncomfortable during the game, you can call us on the intercom and we will let you out of the room immediately.

Can I use the toilet during the game?


Is it possible to purchase Escape Room Gift Certificates?

Yes, you can purchase gift certificates for the Great Escape Rooms. Please contact us to proceed with your purchase.

Is this wheelchair accessible?

Although we are in a multistory building, we can still offer access to our Vault room and our reception which are both located on the ground level.

Is it suitable for the hearing impaired or the deaf?

Yes, we have catered for groups of people with hearing difficulties in the past.

Is it suitable for ESL (English as a Second Language) Groups?

Yes, the puzzles are not language based and we have catered to many ESL groups in the past.

Are there any flashing lights in the rooms?

Only in The Banshee’s Cabin Room

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer special rates for large groups of 24 + people and have student specials. Please see our Prices and Booking page for more information and contact us directly if you need.

Can I add people to my existing booking?

Usually this is not a problem as long as you are within the group size limits for each room.

What if some of my group cancels?

If you need to cancel or reschedule please contact us and you can change your booking up to two days (48 hours) before your scheduled time. After that, unfortunately there will be no changes or refunds.