The Vault

Your old partner in crime, a small time jewel thief with a habit of getting himself into sticky situations was just released from prison. He took the fall for you and your accomplices when the last heist went south and now he’s calling in a favor….

As you can imagine… He’s up to his old tricks and on the inside…he set about planning a foolproof scheme, one last score to settle your debt. You’re skeptical, but against your better judgement you decide to hear him out.

The plan looks solid….your partner swears by it, 50,000 euro in diamonds and cash easy….and of course, you’ll split it right down the middle.

Best of luck…’re going to need it!

Number of Players: 2-8

Duration of Game: Up to 60 Minutes

Level of difficulty: Medium – Difficult

If you are under the age of 12, we REQUIRE that you are accompanied by an adult. The games are difficult and made to stump you so it is our requirement that players under 12 years bring an appropriate amount of adults.

Success Rate: 15-20%

Fastest Escape Time: 48:06