Why Escape Rooms Are Perfect For Date Nights In Galway

An endless loop of swiping later, you’ve finally found someone sane enough (at least you hope so) you want to take out on a date. Or, you and your partner are looking for new ways to spice things up – Netflix got boring huh? How about escape rooms (dun dun dun)? There are lots of activities for couples in Galway, but escape rooms have to be top 5 – and that’s being humble.

Date Night Adventures

If you’re still unsure, here are a few things to look forward to in an escape room adventure with your partner:

Shared Adventure

What better way to get to know someone than going on an adventure? You can think of it like being in a movie – action, thriller, comedy, whatever you want! Solving puzzles and uncovering cryptic clues against the clock is a great way to bring excitement to your date.

Coordination and Communication

An escape room—especially a highly stressful one—is one of the quickest ways to determine a person’s patience and competitive level. Think about it. If your date cannot communicate or gets too frustrated too quickly, you just dodged months (years for our more ‘forgiving’ types) of agony—you could be the red flag, too, though. Or you’ll see how brilliant and fun it is to be with them.

Unique Setting

It’s always good to get away from your everyday date night scenes. Escape rooms have so many scenarios to choose from. You can put down your everyday self and bring out the fun hat. Immersing yourself in the story and being the characters just makes it even better. You’re staring in a live-action movie – what’s better than that?

Conversation Starter

If you or your date is the socially awkward type, then you’ll definitely need conversation starts. Your escape room has so many features to talk about that carries on after you’ve completed the challenge. What a great way to end the date than talking about your quest over dinner.

Escape Room Themes in Galway

If you’ve made it this far, I’m going to assume you’re heavily considering this idea. Maybe you’re wondering where you could find one or which one would be a good one to start with. Let’s look at some escape rooms from our very own ‘Great Escape Rooms’ shall we?

  • The Haunted Cabin in the Woods

So many movies have ruined cabins for us. But it is a great escape room idea for a date night. Storms, banshees, curses, and darkness – it’s got it all the recipes to have your adrenaline pumping and blood pressure rising. You and your partner will race against time to lift the curse and emerge victorious – or you know, just fall victim to that banshee waiting for you. 

  • The Auld Shebeen Traditional Irish Pub

Pubs are usually places where we go to unwind and have fun. This pub will have you looking for a secret recipe for the best beer in the world. But be warned: Locals don’t want you to find this out, so they won’t make it easy for you. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to get the full recipe before time runs out? 

  • Quarantine 2.0 (The Sequel)

Ever wished to be part of the team to find a cure for the pandemic? Well, here’s your chance with the Grey Fever. Your friend Charles reaches out for help. He needs you to go to his secret lab and decipher the cure! But you don’t have much time. Charles has rigged the lap to self-destruct to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. 

  • The Vault Room

So many movies with the most ingenious heists of all time. Maybe you wanted to try it out? Here’s your chance to get cash, jewels, and confidential account information. You have 60 minutes to crack the safe and break out before the cops get to you. Are you ready for a date night heist?

  • Icebox

AI is on the rise, and many are worried about the possible implications. Here’s one: an AI freezer has malfunctioned, locking you and your team inside and literally freezing them to death. Can you stay alive long enough to override the AI’s system? Bonus: It’s the only escape room in Europe with a sub-zero theme!

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Can you imagine the kind of adventure you’ll have with your date in Galway?

Worry, stress, laughter, and all the other emotions under the sun. How fun is that! So come on, pick your favourite, and let the adventures begin. The Great Escape Rooms awaits your call. Book your escape room and enjoy the perfect quest on your date night in Galway!

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